Will Marijuana for Sick Kids Get Government to Rethink Weed?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (05/15) – For years, opponents of legalizing medical marijuana have built their case on the most powerful of political maxims: Think about the children. But today it’s the suffering of children that might eventually compel the federal government to relax its stance. Thousands of kids across the United States are afflicted with Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, rare forms of childhood-onset epilepsy that can cause dozens, even hundreds, of severe seizures each day. Conventional drugs have been ineffective. Last year, however, the FDA approved a clinical trial of Epidiolex, a drug made from cannabidiol (CBD)—one of 85 active chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, in marijuana. Read more

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  1. Thanks for important informations.

    Yes, Marijuana is the most illicit drug used all over the world. It is
    proved that marijuana causes brain damage, learning disabilities and
    reduce ones cognitive functions. Its legalization may produce many bad
    effects on student society and as well as others. We need more
    consciousness about it. Legalization may kick student lives of that

    So we needs to prevent it and establish proper treatment for addicted one.

    To treat the addicted one, At first we need to detect them and take him away from marijuana.

    One of the biggest hurdle to quit smoking weed is withdrawal symptoms
    like insomnia, anxiety and panic attack, vivid dreams and so many on. To
    get rid from it about 80-90% of people start again taking weed.

    From our 2 year experience about quitting weed, we recently published an
    article about “how to ease cannabis withdrawal symptoms” for them.
    Hopefully it help millions of people who are trying and trying to quit

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