Stop Calling It Behavioral Health!

THE FIX (11/12) – …Many “behavioral” issues are driven by biological or hereditary conditions, and yet physical and behavioral health are frequently organized, paid for and managed in two entirely different systems. Two key figures at OASAS, which oversees one of the largest addiction treatment systems in the country, argue that the divide between physical and behavioral health, and the term itself, can lead to stigmatization and discrimination against people with “behavioral disorders.” Robert Kent, J.D., the general counsel at the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), leads OASAS’s work to implement health care and insurance reform for the Substance Use Disorders system in New York. Charles Morgan, MD, is the medical director of OASAS and a physician who has devoted over three decades to working with people and families affected by addiction. They both want you to “STOP CALLING IT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH!” Read more

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