Recent Developments in Alcohol Services Research on Access to Care

ALCOHOL RESEARCH CURRENT REVIEWS (05/2016) – Of the more than 18 million Americans who need treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD), less than 10 percent actually receive care…This problem, often referred to as the substance abuse treatment gap, is a longstanding concern for alcohol services research. Studies suggest that many factors contribute to the treatment gap, ranging from inadequate treatment capacity to organization and financing policies, negative attitudes on the part of potential treatment seekers, and inequities in the distribution of care. However, today, the landscape of alcohol treatment is shifting with health care reform, the advent of new treatment modalities, and secular changes in the populations needing care. In light of these trends, the research and treatment communities are seeking new answers to old questions: What is the current scope and nature of the treatment gap? Which subpopulations are the most underserved? How are major policy changes affecting access to alcohol treatment? And how can the newest treatments become available to a wider segment of the population in need? Read more

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