HHS Launches Multi-Pronged Effort to Combat Opioid Abuse

SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION (SAMHSA) (07/27) – …Combating opioid abuse, dependence, and overdose is a priority for Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell and the Obama Administration at large. The Secretary’s evidence-based opioid initiative focuses on three targeted areas: informing opioid prescribing practices, increasing the use of naloxone (a drug that reverses the deadly respiratory effects of opioid drug overdose), and expanding the use of medication-assisted treatment to treat opioid use disorder. On Saturday in addressing the National Governor’s Association, Secretary Burwell announced three bold steps to increase access to substance use disorder treatment services, including treatment for opioid prescription drug abuse and heroin use. Read more

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