Heroin Bill Moving In Congress, But Leaving A Critical Piece Behind

HUFFINGTON POST (03/15) – Last week, the Senate took a major step forward in the effort to combat the opioid epidemic, sending a sweeping piece of legislation to the House for consideration. With more than 90 House co-sponsors, roughly a third of them Republicans, the bill’s leaders are optimistic it could become law this year. But a critical piece is missing from the package. In mid-February, the National Governors Association came forward with its own list of proposals on how to address the opioid epidemic that has ravaged so much of the U.S. The organization included in its four-page policy brief a call to scale back federal restrictions on buprenorphine — a medication that public health officials see as essential to treating those suffering from opioid addiction. That effort is largely missing from the Senate bill, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. Read more

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