CAPA Check In

CAPA Check InBelow is a copy of the most recent e-mail sent out by Dr. David Patterson.

Dear CAPA Colleagues, I wanted to follow up after our training last Monday. There are some documents attached that were requested. In regards to readings, it would be great if everyone could please review Part 2, Chapter 2 of the Clinical Supervision TIP 52.

Part 2, Chapter 1 is targeted towards supervisors in regards to implementation of clinical supervision, so supervisors have more readings before our next training!!

Also for your review is the MI techniques that were discussed as well as a sample Self-Care Plan.

Below is the link to the 2/24 training.

Please know that we are all in this together. As we move forward it would be great if some folks would be willing to share their progress or challenges in implementing the clinical supervision plan that was discussed at the last CAPA training. If so, please email Craig at

Please make sure to hold the date: Monday, 3/31/14, 9 to noon.

We are very grateful for all your help and willingness to participate. More info is soon to follow. Thank you very much, DAP

2/24 CAPA training recording:


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