Who We Are

The Community Academic Partnership on Addiction (CAPA) Institute for Performance-Based Practice at Washington University in St Louis’ Brown School of Social Work is dedicated to bringing real-time performance data to addiction services in order to rapidly, efficiently, and powerfully transfer scientifically proven interventions into clinical practice. Our goal is to ensure that all addiction treatments are grounded in evidence-based practices.

Our History

CAPA began in 2012 to address the gap between science and practice in the area of substance use disorder, commonly known as addiction. Understanding the natural relationships between a research university with a graduate school of social work and an existing network of community-based service providers, CAPA formalized a partnership to expand and strengthen both actual and potential connections. As one of Washington University in St Louis Brown School of Social Work’s Key Initiatives, CAPA was designed as a partnership designed to embed the science of addiction and recovery into real-world treatment settings.  

We advocate for the right of all patients to receive equitable and proven care. 

Our Vision

CAPA’s vision is to transform substance use disorder treatment to achieve a five-year sustained recovery rate of 80 percent for everyone. 

The strategic long-term goals of CAPA: 

  • Improve addiction treatment performance outcomes in the St Louis area and beyond.  
  • Ensure that patient treatment outcomes are equitable. 
  • Ensure that only performance-based interventions are used in addiction services. 
  • De-adopt practices that are not empirically-proven. 
  • Establish a public advocacy movement to give a voice to consumers and/or victims of sub-standard addiction treatment. 
  •  Collaborate with existing community-based treatment organizations. 
  • Build a science of recovery that is guided by performance outcomes. 
  • Incorporate the use of technology tools that measure and display performance outcomes. 
  • Rapidly transfer evidence-based knowledge into clinical practice. 
  •  Train the next generation of treatment professionals to use evidence-based practices. 
  • Incorporate evidence-based practices and technologies that support these efforts into standard services. 
  • Provide training and workshops to students and current clinical workforce to only deliver evidence-based practices. 

If you are interested in joining and becoming an active participant with CAPA or want to learn more, please contact David Patterson Silver Wolf at dpatterson22@wustl.edu or 314-935-8317.