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The Community-Academic Partnerships in Addictions (CAPA) is an affiliation between Washington University in St Louis’ Brown School of Social Work and community agencies.

The partnership is designed to establish strong connections with organizations throughout the St Louis and surrounding region that encounter the issues related to problems of addiction. Its mission is a partnership approach to training current and future workers, creating teaching-learning opportunities, and conducting collaborative research that improves systems of addiction services.


Latest from the CAPA Blog

Young People’s Memories Improved When They Stop Using Marijuana

SCIENCE NEWS (10/30) – Taking a monthlong break from pot helps clear away young people’s memory fog, a small study suggests. The results show that not only does marijuana impair teenagers’ and young adults’ abilities to take in information, but that this memory muddling may be reversible. Read more

Rural Community Treats Its Opioid Problem Like A Natural Disaster

NPR (10/28) – [...] Last year, leaders declared the opioid epidemic a life-threatening emergency. The county is now responding to the drug crisis as if it were a natural disaster, the same way it would mobilize to respond to a landslide or flu pandemic. Read more

Studies on Student Alcohol Use Can Inform ways to lower Blackouts

SCIENCE DAILY (11/02) – College students who drink alcohol don't typically intend to drink to the point that they "black out," and they also don't fully grasp what specific drinking behaviors present the greatest risk of blackouts, a new series of studies finds. Read more Further Reading: Alcohol Changes Memories on a Much Deeper Level Than […]